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Making invoices interesting

Invoices are boring. Necessary, but dull. We'd love to save a sheet of paper and not include them at all, but many folks want that physical proof of purchase. Plus it helps us make sure the right artwork is in the envelope before we seal it and ship it off to you.

So instead of eliminating them altogether, we've set out to make them more interesting.

When you get an art print from us, flip over the paper invoice. On the back you'll find a poem or a short story. Or maybe an interview with an artist. Or a cartoon. Something to pique your interest, inspire you, or maybe just make your chuckle.

We'll change it up every month or two to keep things fresh. Our very first invoices will feature poetry by Sylvia Plath. 

If you have a creation you would like to see on the back of our invoices, get in touch and we'll take a look!

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