Hugs With Arms

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How do I know the prints will look awesome?

Our artwork is printed on acid-free archival paper using Epson Stylus Pro printers with UltraChrome K3 inks. The reproduction quality is approved by the original artist, and we inspect every single print before we ship it out.

What if my print arrives damaged?

We guarantee that prints will arrive in your hands in top condition. If for any reason the print is damaged before you get it, we'll send you a replacement. Learn more about our return policy.

What do the artists get out of this?

Artists receive 50% of the revenue from print sales, and we bust our butts to introduce them to a new community of art lovers. Oh, and free hugs. (Naturally.)

What's with the name?

The short story: Hugs With Arms is about giving back.

The long story: Our founder, Rob Maguire, was visiting friends one night in frigid Saskatoon. Before heading to bed, their two-year-old son, Al, came over to him for a hug. Usually, he’d just lean into you, waiting to be embraced. But his parents insisted on a “hug with arms”, which was his cue to return the hug.

It’s a small gesture, but Al had learned that it’s important to give back, even when it comes to hugs.

Our mission is to fill empty walls with inspiring artwork. But we also want to give back to the communities who support us and our artists. And it goes without saying that we strive to act responsibly and sustainably in every aspect of what we do.

After all, if a two-year-old knows it’s the right thing to do, we really don’t have any excuses.

I want to get in on this and sell my art!

Awesome! We’re indeed always looking for socially-engaged artists who are interested in partnering with us. Check out our submissions page for more details.

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