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Pierre Leichner

Pierre Leichner is an interdisciplinary research artist with an engaged/participatory art practice. After completing his Masters in Fine Arts studies in 2011, he stopped his work as an academic psychiatrist and has since been engaged in several community projects.

Pierre is a member of two artists’ collectives: the Art is Land Network, a collective of nine environmental artists; and the gallery Gachet Collective, an group of about twelve artists whose works address mental health issues and social inequities. He also serves as board president for the Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

For Pierre, there are many similarities between Science and Art. “At their core, they share the pursuit of meaning,” he explains. “I have always used a multi-factorial approach in my research. This appreciation is reflected in most of my works in that they address bio-psychosocial and spiritual issues simultaneously and are multi-sensorial.”

“As a scientist and health care provider, I have wanted to help others in need. As an artist, I want to work at reaffirming the value of art in health not only in well being and healing but also as a way of knowing.”

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