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About the Founder: Rob Maguire

For the past five years I've been the editor of Art Threat, a blog on socially-engaged art. Artists we write about often thank us for spreading the word. But while media coverage can help build an artist's profile, it rarely brings home the bacon.

Meanwhile, readers sometimes ask where they can buy an artist's work. Too often the answer is that they can't, at least not without a trip to a gallery in New York or Toronto.

As an arts marketer who loves building both audiences and community, I saw an opportunity to help artists sell prints of their work to an audience that is hungry for meaningful art for their homes. 

I’m an arts marketing consultant, and I work with arts organizations, artists and businesses working in the cultural sector to build audiences, develop their brands, and communicate effectively with the public.

I’m particularly passionate about socially-engaged art and cultural projects that seek to educate, inspire and build our communities. I funnel much of this interest into editing the political art blog Art Threat and preparing to launch Hugs With Arms, an online shop featuring affordable art for folks who give a damn.

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