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Tatiana Philiptchenko

Tatiana Philiptchenko started her career at a very young age as a war photographer and journalist in the Middle East. These first professional years documenting the ravages of conflict on civilians made a large impact on her priorities as a media producer. 

She then carved out a career photographing people and cultures worldwide, freelancing and supplying images for prestigious magazines such as Le Point, L’Express, Le Nouvel Observateur, L’Actualité, Elle, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and National Geographic. She has also produced striking images for numerous companies, ad agencies, and educational and governmental agencies while writing for a number of newspapers and magazines.

Tatiana’s favorite subjects include the gentle and fascinating cultures of Guatemala, Mauritania, and Vietnam. Aided by fluency in English, French, Russian and Arabic, she always enjoys being immersed in the cultures and social causes of those off the beaten path.

Tatiana is working on bringing awareness to the role of the media in conflict situations as well as gender inequalities. She is passionate about developing media projects serving the communities she covers.

Tatiana holds a BA from University of Montreal specializing in International Cooperation and Journalism, and has recently completed a MA in Peace, Conflict and Media Studies at the United Nations mandated University for Peace. She is the co-creator of the Peace Media Coop, which uses visual elements, a peace journalism approach and social media tools to empower communities.

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