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USGS Bee Lab: Halictus ligatus

USGS Bee Lab


USGS Bee Lab


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  • The United States Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab tracks the health and habitat of native bees, which includes creating a visual archive that helps researchers identify bee species in North America. Headed by researcher Sam Droege, the Bee Lab has created over 1400 finely detailed macro photographs, which more closely resemble portraits than mere scientific documentation.

  • Halictus ligatus is a species of sweat bee, characterized by those bees that burrow into the ground to build neststheir nests, and are one of the most common families of bees that live in temperate climates — indeed one of the most abundant species other than the honeybee. The term sweat bee is derived from the insects attraction to the salts of human perspiration

    Most are small to medium in size, ranging from three to ten millimetres in length, and may or may not have a metallic appearance. In general, the family Halictidae, to which Halictus ligatus belongs, shows variations in social behaviour, and individual species can be solitary, communal, or semi-social.

    This particular specimen was collected in the Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and is covered in pollen from an unknown plant.

  • This limited-edition art print is made using archival pigment inks on premium metallic photographic paper, and includes a certificate of authenticity. The listed dimensions are for the final paper size, and include a 1/2 inch margin for framing.

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